Featured Business of the Month - National

NFU Mutual farmers’ and growers’ insurance

As a part of the rural community since 1910, we have built our business on providing expert advice and a personal, friendly, local service.

We have a range of specialised farming products available to help safeguard your livelihood and ease your mind - and as we have no shareholders, you can rest assured our first priority is our customers - not our profits.

Whether you keep dairy cattle, produce cereal crops or grow bedding plants, the one thing you need is an insurance policy which protects the very things you depend on to earn a living.

With over 90 years' experience in the farming and growing industry, NFU Mutual can provide you with a range of insurance covers that are as varied as the things you produce; allowing you to provide the right protection for your business at the right price for you.

  • Whether you are a Farmer or Grower, our network of local experts can advise on the best cover for your business activities
  • We can offer you livestock cover for diseases such as TB, Foot and Mouth and Brucellosis
  • We will provide the cover you need for your farming business, buildings, stock, machinery, vehicles and other essential equipment
  • We can cover a wide range of items including computers and bulk milk tanks for mechanical and electrical breakdown
  • We can offer you a high protection limit against liability claims from the public or your employees, with a standard limit of £5 million in cases of pollution and contamination

At NFU Mutual we never forget that every single customer is an individual. Which is why we offer a wide range of individual insurance covers alongside our specialist farming products. In order to create a secure future for you and your loved ones, you're probably searching for that ideal investment product. We have products to cover a wide range of individual needs.

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